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顾客好评 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • 暖之锅 - Warm In The Pot - Yit Wei Chan

    Yit Wei Chan

    This is absolutely worth the money. Picture of 2-3 pax package, really suitable for the family of two adults and two children. P/S: Dad has to finish up the remaining though. Recommendation: soup portion should increase another 50% for best steamboat experience. The tomato soup is great!

  • 暖之锅 - Warm In The Pot - Christine Jyan

    Christine Jyan

    便宜又多料! 食物很新鲜而且很干净 全部不同种类的食物都分开包装 连辣椒蒜米都准备好好 而且都有赠送蔬菜哦 真贴心 以后有什么event会再次和你们下单

  • 暖之锅 - Warm In The Pot - Stephanie Yeng

    Stephanie Yeng


  • 暖之锅 - Warm In The Pot - Daphne Chang

    Daphne Chang

    First time ordering steamboat and it's a very pleasant experience. Thank you for the superb service, fast delivery, fresh ingredients and everything is packed so nicely 😍😍😍

  • 暖之锅 - Warm In The Pot - Guii Gui Luii

    Guii Gui Luii

    想吃火鍋 卻懶惰出門 ? 來這裡就對了 暖之鍋 食物好吃 湯底好喝 外送準時 客服人員有禮貌 值得回歸 感謝暖之鍋 ❤️👍🏻 超細心 👍🏻

  • 暖之锅 - Warm In The Pot - Connie Then

    Connie Then

    Ordered hotpot yesterday to be delivered today for lunch. The set is so complete that you don’t even need to prepare anything. They even provide chili in soya sauce👍🏻 the ingredients are fresh and is so convenient to have mini hotpot session at home. Highly recommend this!

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